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"We choose Jewelry which matched the person"— Of WEST B1F looking forward to to hear such a reputation <ARTISAN PJ>. Manager told. "PJ" of "<ARTISAN PJ> is "Personal Jewelry". We do not attach for eyes of the fashion and person, and Jewelry for yourself to shine is concept. So we understand. Thought to customer was put for the name of shop.

At first it is this item to have had you choose. In having felt as I was simple black long dress on that day when is what because of simple ga, or is unsatisfactory, but adding Jewelry which had choose at a stretch gorgeously! It is revelation to look good with thing of type that we did not choose by oneself so far including combination of balance and stones of the length of the necklace unexpectedly. It is new discovery.

Turquoise long necklace including tax 69,660 yen
Moonstone pearl necklace including tax 36,180 yen
Turquoise pierced earrings including tax 36,180 yen

It is this whole body mirror we enter shop, and to have been interested. We asked manager. "We put to have you soak Accessories and see balance of whole body". He/she talked so. In addition, we seem to prepare for cloth of various colors to be able to meet request "that we want to see whether you match clothes of color that you do not wear today". "Personal Jewelry" that this does not sell Jewelry simple substance and puts together to the person I see…Very wonderful.

<ARTISAN PJ> is based on design and color taste that Japanese looked good with from designer Jewelry of all the countries of the world, and Jewelry which chooses by aesthetic sense of owner, and was able to blunder is prepared. We are glad of there being new encounter whenever a lot of one point things come. It does in shop full of sense of quality, but there is not only expensive thing but also handy item sold among them by the 4,000 yen level, and it is attractive to be able to look casually. Of course it is most suitable for oneself use as present.

We had never met me, too, but it is fresher than expected "to have you customize Jewelry looking good on oneself", and satisfaction is high. "We want to look for Jewelry slightly different from another person" "wants to come across Jewelry which we can use habitually for a long time", and which thinks so, please go to visit right or wrong, <ARTISAN PJ>. He/she does item and Jewelry coordinates making use of them if we bring Accessories on hand.


Text: Reina Konishi Photos: Ayumi Saeki

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