• ig café

    Wine fair

    Period From Wednesday, August 1 to Friday, August 31 every day 17:00 ...

    We present wine full bottle (red or white) one in customer one group of order in <Pasta Selection>.


    Lee pao bag fair

    Period From Saturday, August 18 to Sunday, September 2

    We introduce Lee pao bag which expert craftsman knit carefully by hand. Please see bag which is modern while being classical, and is beautiful by all means.


    The opening campaign second

    Period From Thursday, August 2 to Saturday, September 1

    New sense Fitness space that KONAMI SPORTS CLUB produces is open. It is in visit, trial reception desk. To body which is the most pleasant this summer in the life!

  • Wedding Square UMEDA chapelle de Coffret

    Bridal fair special in August

    Period From Wednesday, August 1 to Friday, August 31

    Luxurious now being held including "simulated wedding X dress display Big fair of light" with sampling. Person who takes wedding ceremony and the front, and thinks of photowedding carry foot by all means.


    Gentle light ... of LLADRO coloring Lighting Garden - summer

    Period From Friday, July 27 to Sunday, August 26

    In yeast 2F open space, we display latest chandelier "IVY & SEED" and latest stands "Firefly Table Lamp Sunflower". Please sense gentle light only by porcelain bodily.


    Italian restaurant IL PINOLO X Nail Salon naila [Nail & Dish Special Course]

    Period The afternoon of Mon.–Fri.

    We direct time when Nail Salon born from Italian restaurant and long-established store beauty treatment salon of Aoyama of GINZA getting high support to gourmet of Kansai first to go out shop is wonderful.

  • Baccarat Shop Umeda

    We indulge in beauty of Editorʼs Shop Cruise_10 world's highest mountain crystal brand

    Period Monday, August 6 ...

    Shop <Baccarat Shop Umeda> of highest grade crystal brand. Crystal with deep translucency, delicate, beautiful cut and decoration given there are finished by technique of craftsman succeeding to more than 250 years. Please check quality only by baccarat at this opportunity.


    Mind and body are refreshed in Editorʼs Shop Cruise_09 new sense Fitness together!

    Period Monday, July 30 ...

    We opened in 7/16 <eguzasu Umeda X-STUDIO>. Program that we put together for feeling and purpose including spinning motorcycle, surfboard and Fitness & yoga using hammock to perform in darkness can choose. How about sensing new sense Fitness bodily by all means at this opportunity?


    For ideal clothes which are high quality only by Editorʼs Shop Cruise_08 cashmere brand

    Period Monday, July 23 ...

    It is world-famous with cashmere product <Orr DOS>. Image in the fall and winter is strong cashmere, but item which can spend time coolly which is good to the summer clothing is prepared. While being delicate, and touching good-quality item, to the full shopping.


    Looking for beloved Jewelry which ⻑ ku brightening Editorʼs Shop Cruise_07 you ⾃⾝ snuggles up to

    Period Monday, July 16 ...

    Jewelry kept on choosing design and ⾊ taste to harmonize with ⽇ book ⼈ as standard is prepared <ARTISAN PJ>. Whenever a lot of one point things come, there is new encounter. Please carry ⾜ to look for "Personal Jewelry" to brighten you ⾃⾝.