• Present is fair for Hilton plaza winter

    The palpitation that is gorgeous from Hilton plaza.

    Period Saturday, December 15, Sunday, December 16

    During period, we present traditional sparkling wine "ferrari buryutto" (375 ml) representing Italy to customer who used more than including tax 20,000 yen.

  • Hilton plaza Christmas concert

    Christmas of adult colored in fantastic space

    Period From Friday, December 21 to Tuesday, December 25

    We send gospel, jazz, gorgeous music appropriate for Christmas including classical music.

  • Hilton plaza 2018 fantastic Christmas

    Christmas of adult colored by art and jazz sound

    Period From Friday, November 9 to Tuesday, December 25

    Musicians of reinforcing rod sculpture by molding writer, Koichiro Tokumochi named "jazz to watch" appear. We create fantastic space on masterpiece of jazz. Please enjoy Christmas full of feel of a material on adult.

  • Princess exhibition loved in the world

    Collection of longed-for princesses gathers in Nishiumeda

    Period November 23 Friday (holiday) - Tuesday, December 25 

    We display collection that we cannot usually see including picture book of articles concerning actual princesses and Princess children's story. Please see their trace with Hilton plaza and her screw.