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  • Wedding Square UMEDA chapelle de Coffret

    Bridal fair special in September

    Period From Saturday, September 1 to Sunday, September 30

    Luxurious now being held including "simulated wedding X dress display Big fair of light" with sampling. Person who takes wedding ceremony and the front, and thinks of photowedding carry foot by all means.


    New friend appears on bestseller lamp, and is cordless, carafe Le, pop!

    Period From Saturday, September 1 to Tuesday, December 25

    Sunflower joined table lamp <fire fried food> characterized by gentle light that firefly emitted newly. Please see collection of cordless type to be able to carry easily by all means.


    Italian restaurant IL PINOLO X Nail Salon naila [Nail & Dish Special Course]

    Period The afternoon of Mon.–Fri.

    We direct time when Nail Salon born from Italian restaurant and long-established store beauty treatment salon of Aoyama of GINZA getting high support to gourmet of Kansai first to go out shop is wonderful.

  • Tachibana

    In "like roast" of Editorʼs Shop Cruise_15 Kobe beef selected carefully a time of supreme bliss

    Period Monday, September 17 ...

    Fried ⾁, shabu-shabu <Tachibana> which provides good-quality ⿊⽑ sum ⽜ in middle ⼼ in God ⼾⽜. "Autumn-limited roast is not crowded" is shi ⽤ with part "inner shoulder meat" produced from ⽜ of ⼀ head only as for around 3 kg. We realize ⼝ dokeo of the softness and refined fat in ⼝ at ⼊ reta moment. It is ze ⾮ by limited menu to be able to taste only in this season.


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